Carol (C.A.) Grende

With her waist-length brown hair, passion for American-Western history, and a life-long love of horses, one can easily imagine Carol (C.A.) Grende in pioneer attire adventuring in the early west with her favorite explorers, Lewis & Clark. As though in a time machine, the Montana painter and sculptor's career stepped back through history to when the West was yet to be won.

About PYP Gallery

Phyllis Yeager Promotions, LLC was formed in 2005 to promote the artwork of C.A. Grende, also known as Carol Grende, and other talented artists. This gallery was established in 2014 to reach a wider audience and to share the works of this talented artist. Although much of the gallery is devoted to Carol Grende’s Lewis and Clark artworks, her entire repertoire will be included – History, Equestrian, Wildlife, and War Memorials. 

Other Artists

PYP Gallery offers for sale or promotion the artwork of others  including Harvey Rattey, Mark Hopkins, Terry Murphy, and  Brent Phelps. 

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